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Hi! You can call me Tanya. I prefer she/her pronouns, though my appearance is just androgynous enough that I can be mistaken for a guy. My preferred word for my sexuality is sapphic. (I feel like I'm not gay enough to be a lesbian but too gay to be bi, so this is the in between.) If you're wondering about the journal title, Tanya isn't my wallet name. She's my online self, and she's my audience, as far as I'm concerned.

Most of the content you're going to find here will be either commentary on TV, music, movies, or other media I've consumed (usually posted publicly), or journaling about varied mental health stuff - autism with a pathological demand avoidance profile, perfectionism, depression, anxiety - usually behind an f-lock. I don't know how often I post publicly, but there should be enough entries to give you a sense of my style of writing.

When the muse strikes, I write fanfiction. My main fandoms right now are Person of Interest and White Collar, though I have written in other fandoms. The best place to browse my fanfic would be at AO3, where I post as sapphire2309. The second best would be the various fandom tags on this journal, which I use only for fanwork and not random fannish thoughts. I'm in the process of switching over to AO3 completely for fanfic, so it'd probably be best to check there from now on.

I write poetry sometimes. I keep those words at afirelullaby. This tumblr is very sedate and organised. A queued poem typically posts itself at 1 am my time, unless the queue is empty (usually because my brain is too fried to write).

I podfic and fanmix sometimes. I'll upload this stuff at lullabyforahelix. I don't know how active this tumblr will be - probably very very slow. This tumblr's posts will typically be linked to from lullabyforahelix at AO3 (a pseud, not a separate account, so if you look at my main AO3 dash, you're golden as far as my fannish content goes!)

I have a miscellaneous fannish tumblr - sapphire2309. This tumblr is a typical tumblr tumblr. It is an emotional rollercoaster and also completely random. Kinda like me. I tend to not check this tumblr for months on end and then BLOW UP people's dashboards. Be warned. (Nothing original goes here, ftr.)

My friending policy is fairly random. I add you to my circle if I like what you post. I give you access if I feel like I know you at least a little. I'm not comfortable accepting journal access from someone I haven't given access to, and vice versa. But if we have interests in common, feel free to reach out!

Comments are screened, in case you'd like to say something and don't want to use the DW messaging system for whatever reason.
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doing A LOT better already on the physical health front. probably going to ignore fic/poetry for the next couple days though - my brain is still not 100% online.

in random: lately, the only way i can fall asleep is by constructing fics i'll probably never write. why do i do this. help me.

my soundtrack for the rest of the year, most likely: tswift's reputation, halsey's hfk, melanie martinez's crybaby, and lorde's melodrama. (might add an album or two from my backlog of to-listen ani difranco or andrew bird or fiona apple, but then again, might not.)
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IMDb calls this a "comedy documentary". UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY. The tagline is a much better descriptor: Comedy can be found in the darkest of places.

Chris Gethard talks about depression and alcoholism and suicidality, and manages to be funny and empathetic at the same time. I did not once feel like the butt of a joke while listening to him. That is an amazing feeling.

The emotional rollercoaster he takes you on is very much like the one you board when you open your Tumblr dashboard - one minute, he's telling you about some of the worst times in his life, and the next, you're laughing along with him. It's one of the best things I've experienced. This AV Club review says it all better than I could.

If you're so inclined, check it out. I think it's worth your time.
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1. This reaction video to T-Swift's Look What You Made Me Do. I understand the point of view of everyone in that video. The only thing I have to dispute is that pop music can ABSOLUTELY be revolutionary, Dominic. And T-Swift is pretty revolutionary right now.

2. ...Ready For It?, T-Swift's new single. ALL THE LYRICAL COMPLEXITY i wanted from Look What You Made Me Do is here. T-Swift has not changed god bless. also. THAT BEAT.

3. This mashup of Tag You're It by Melanie Martinez and Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift. The beat is SICK, Melanie adds some much needed lyrical intricacy, and everything is amaze. I am SHOOK.

BONUS: Halsey - Bad At Love (stripped). So much good music coming out right now, guys, I can't handle it it's too beautiful.
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my tumblr is still making explody noises. i have no idea what's going on there. i'm just gonna roll with it and keep on writing for myself and keep on keeping on. (for interested parties, i write into the tumblr queue, and one poem/prose piece/art-ish thing goes up at 11:00 pm every day my time. i'm trying to keep it consistent.)

I feel SO HECKIN CREATIVE right now, guys. I have a few DIY projects lined up for the weekend and I am EXCITE.

i need a better diana icon.

i've finally finalised my podficcing/fanmixing AO3 pseud! it is lullabyforahelix. (in which helix refers to the rim of the shell of your ear. this is a real thing!) i might start posting to it this weekend. (keeping the might there just in case shit hits the fan. i have something recorded and almost ready to go, though!)

i'm still limiting my /fic ao3/dw reading page/ access, and not being very active in either place. i'll get back to normal soon though. the important bit is keeping this creative energy alive.

omg. i'm happy, you guys. *falls off chair*
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Very nearly burned out. Going to finish femslashex letter, then not going to check dw/ao3/tumblr for the rest of the week. If you need to get in touch with me, email would be ideal.

See you this weekend.
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Didn't get any sleep tonight either :/ Must talk to doc about this. Sleeping every alternate day is not healthy.

I uploaded icons! And deleted some icons! I now have icons of Root and Shaw and Dottie and Lauren. Shaw is the BEST. <3

While I'm awake, I may as well talk about this thing I was going to talk about tomorrow.

I've started betaing for a friend again, and this makes me notice little sentence structure/composition things more than usual. Take for instance the following lyric from Hour Follows Hour by Ani DiFranco:

"Too much is how I love you, but too well is how I know you."

Now, I've listened to Hour Follows Hour at least 200 times, and all I've done is notice the interesting structure of this lyric and move on. But today, I parsed it on a more conscious level. The basic information it's conveying is "I love you too much, but I know you too well." AND YET. The two are not equal. The version I wrote above doesn't have the emphasis on "too" that DiFranco's construction does, which COMPLETELY changes the way you parse this idea. In my version, the primary focus is 'love' and 'know' and the conflict they create. In DiFranco's, the focus is on "too", which means the point you're focusing on is the excessiveness of the love and knowledge, not just their relationship or their existence.

In conclusion: Language is awesome.
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Taylor Swift has a new single out! Initially, I was less than enthused about this. The lyrics are generic, they lack depth, and they seemed too involved with all the drama that's been surrounding T Swift and Kanye and Kim K and Katy Perry and basically everyone T Swift has ever had beef with. And I watched the video, but didn't catch any of the tiny references to things she can't or won't put in words. And then I watched a video EXPLAINING all those tiny references, and I am SHOOK.

you can call me t-sweezy, now i'm a rap star )

Also: my tags are sorted again! I made a new category or two and this clears up some things for me.

(This entry has been edited like fifteen times, in case you're wondering why it looks slightly different than when you first saw it.)
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Okay, so [personal profile] treonb [personal profile] frith_in_thorns (i am so bad with names, good god) recced me the podcast Wolf 359, which I am listening to now! Along with Welcome to Night Vale, Lingthusiasm, Revolutions, This Week in Parasitism, and a whole assorted bunch of linguistics, biology, and history podcasts that I will slowly go through and keep or cull as I wish. This has the effect of making me feel SO PRODUCTIVE while on the bus it isn't even funny.

(I've kinda forgotten about Wolf 359 a little bit in the process oops.)

Can someone answer me two questions? Why are these things free? And why are they so good? I literally fall asleep to the sound of a podcast I heard properly during the day I mean what. THEY ARE TAKING OVER MY LIFE SEND HELP.

Also, I'd rec all the podcasts I've named up there, they are excellent, why aren't there more women, why isn't there more about colonial history, maybe i'll podcast someday (SOMEONE STOP ME FROM CONTINUING DOWN THAT LINE OF THOUGHT I'VE GOT TOO MUCH TO DO ALREADY).

This is what an excited Tanya sounds like.
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Hi! Thank you for liking some of the same awesome ladies as me. Since we've already covered general likes, dislikes and DNWs in the optional details, let's get straight to the fun stuff, yes?

I dislike giving specific prompts, so what I tend to do is give you an impression of the characters and relationships as I see them/want to see them. I hope that helps you!

Prior notice: this is heckin' long.

i ain't demented, hah, well, just a lil bit, huh? )
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Today's been spectacularly unproductive, so I think I'll take a hint and go to bed early. Start pushing my wake up time forward, so eventually I can wake up at 5 without kicking and screaming.
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don't have enough energy left to write a poem today, sadly. i've been enjoying putting down recurrent thoughts of the day in poetry form.

...maybe i'll take five minutes and put down two lines, idk yet, i'm v sleepy.

i took five minutes and wrote the poetry

my plan for the next howeverlong is starting to sort itself out in my mind.
the deets )
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current mood: prep everything for tomorrow, make to do lists for the next few days, and sleep.

(i really like this mood)

if anyone's curious about the post titles, they tend to be lyrics from a song i'm listening to, typically the song that i put in the current music section below. sometimes they're not. sometimes it's hard to tell if you're not in my brain, but well. that's me.
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They have a friending meme going. I filled it out. I was exactly as extra as you'd expect me to be. (My comment is the longest one there right now why do i do this to myself.)

Come find some friends/talk tv at [community profile] tv_talk!


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