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Hello and welcome to this venting space disguised as a fanfic journal. If you are comfortable with my particular brand of weird (otherwise known as human) please drop me a message or a comment or another such communication, and I will further open up my life via the magical click of a gold access button that will then turn silver. Which makes no sense, according to the dominant narrative that values gold more than silver. But then again, that means I'm insinuating that my friendship is precious, which requires a greater degree of narcissism than I possess. I could ramble further, but I'd probably stop making sense soon.

If you're here for the fic, I'm sorry, fanfic broadcasts are very sporadic, you're more likely to find rambles about music and my latest obsessions than any actual fic. Sapphire writes fanfic, it is true, but the fanfic is rare and sometimes never posted, even when written.

Yes, I'm terrible at welcomes, how did you know?
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13. One of your favorite 70's songs

The oldest music I enjoy is from the 90's. I am heckin young.

I'm gonna go with Tare Hain Barati from the movie Virasat (which is from 1997, it's as young as me!). I found it when it was covered by Bhoomi Trivedi on Indian Idol. I recommend Bhoomi's version if you're like me and don't like high female singing voices.

This is a really sweet song which was stuck in my head for weeks after this episode aired. I like it.
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The absolute best Shoot vid I've seen thus far, and I've seen plenty. Set to a cover of 99 Problems that I originally found on the Blacklist, to my delight. Features girls with guns and a Shaw + food montage. What's not to love?

There is secondary audio/dialogue layered over the music, in case that's the kind of thing that ticks you off in vids, but IMHO it's handled really well in this vid. It's all so well timed and doesn't clash with the music. It's really well edited.

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12. A song from your pre-teen years

Euh. Taylor Swift's entire Fearless album. I was very mainstream when I started listening to English music.

To be fair, this is one of her best albums (barring a few songs), and has some really good music.
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11. A song that you never get tired of

...does not exist indefinitely. However, as I've mentioned earlier, occasionally, I latch onto one song that I listen to for days or weeks on end. Familiar has finally been shifted out of its top spot by Can't Kill Us by The Glitch Mob. It's good background music in that it doesn't have lyrics, but also it's interesting enough that when I focus out of something and onto the music, it's not textureless.

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10. A song that makes you sad

3WW by alt-J. The song starts at 1:27. Video includes death, a funeral, associated imagery, a character attempting to survive the great outdoors, and wolves.

There's a lot of layers to this song, and in the end, it's not a positive take on a love story, or on love in general. But it is beautiful and oddly soothing.
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I've started to swim - 50 laps each today, yesterday, and the day before that, of a 12.5 m pool (I define a lap as two lengths, so one lap is ~25 m). I hope this stays a pattern.

I'm so freaking sleepy, and it's only 11 30 pm. I think this is a good sign.


9. A song that makes you happy

Familiar by Agnes Obel. It's rare that I don't get sick of a song shortly after it's my One True Song, but this is a damn good song, and I don't think I overplayed it, so it's still soothing and happy-making.
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8. A song about drugs or alcohol

Medicine - Daughter. There were a few other candidates, but this is the one that's both most focused on what the prompt asks for, and also matches my mood right now. Sort of hopeful, but also melancholy.

I'm just going to do these whenever I feel like posting a thing, because clearly the day-by-day thing isn't happening.
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7. A song to drive to

There's this group called Antiqcool which has these really soothing guitar instrumentals that I always listened to while learning to drive. I particularly like All The Seeds (9:36 to 13:45 in the linked video). Come to think of it, this is good study music too...
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6. A song that makes you want to dance

Green Light by Lorde. It's catchy. And there's a lovely piano bit right before the chorus that makes the high voices in the chorus (which I personally dislike) worth it.

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5. A song that needs to be played LOUD

She Beats by EMIKA. It's dance-y and angsty at the same time. I love it :D (NOTE: flashing lights and very quick jump cuts in the linked video)
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4. A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget about

Budapest by George Ezra. My ex girlfriend sent this song to me saying 'this is how I feel about you'. It's a really sweet song (not exactly my style, but I liked it for the lyrics). It's just that we both fucked that relationship up pretty badly and ended up never speaking to each other again. I still have a book she lent me.

It was lovely while it lasted, though.
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3. A song that reminds you of summer

I'm gonna go with Still In Love With You by Sade, even though pretty much any song with a good acoustic guitar line fits the bill. It's a very summery instrument. It's also true to my experience of summer in that it's casually melancholy without really going anywhere deep with the sadness, just staying on the surface. I sort of walk around like a zombie in summer.
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2. A song you like with a number in the title

32 Flavours by Ani DiFranco.

Okay, let's be real here. "Someday you might find you're starving and eating all of the words you just said" is one of the most beautiful lyrics that has ever been written. I adore Ani DiFranco, and how she just is, you know? The way she just is the person she wants to be and casually gives a giant middle finger to anyone who tries to tell her otherwise. I would kill for that kind of honesty with myself.
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There's a music meme going around my flist and I think it might just make me happier than trying to post about my brainstate, because I churn out the same damn positives every day. I'm going to try and pick happy songs.

1. A song you like with a colour in the title.

Blue Sunshine by Brandon Chandler. It's a beautiful little song that I first heard on Make It Or Break It, during a lovely moment with my favourite character almost getting everything she ever wanted. It still makes me a little emotional, in a good way. I always wanted Emily to have a happy ending, and I hate the one the show gave her, but at least she had this moment. Not that it's enough, in the long run, but it's something.

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(i am so excited for this one :D)
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I've gone through LJ and unfriended anyone who I follow here on DW, so I don't stay in the habit of checking LJ first. I've also marked all my entries private over there. I'll be going through and making fanfic and writing memes public again, because I don't want anyone who may want to read over there to lose access to fic. I won't be posting any new work there, though.

Strangely enough, now that everything's imported and I can delete my LJ, I find that I don't want to. I was going through my bookmarked messages and riding a rollercoaster of emotions. I don't want to lose all those memories.

I think I'm going to hold off on it. At least until I can figure out how to save all those things, and keep in touch with people who are staying there.

Also, I'm thinking of trying to post teeny bits of fic here frequently - think of it as a sort of periodic drabble project? (I'm not shooting myself in the foot by calling it daily. If that's what it becomes, well and good, but I'm not putting pressure on myself.)
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Hi! Thank you for your patience, writer, and I'm really sorry for the ridiculous delay. But, forwhatever it's worth, here's more details on everything I signed up with.

I'll be honest, my only exposure to soulmate tropes is through the occasional Tumblr post, so pretty much anything you write will be new to me :D

White Collar: Neal Caffrey/Sara Ellis; Neal Caffrey/Alex Hunter/Sara Ellis; Sara Ellis/Alex Hunter.

I love all three of these characters, individually and as a collective. Neal is basically my punching bag. I love inflicting various kinds of whump on him. Sara is my precious lonely girl, she's a bit of a self-insert who already exists in canon, except not quite, except yes. She pretty much takes what she wants, and is also not a villain, which is awesome. Alex... I'm still getting to know her, but I have a feeling she's got feelings buried somewhere down. (Deep, deep down.) She looks out for herself, and her agenda is the most important one in the room, far as she's concerned.

Medically Malignant Soulbonds/Soulbonds Cancerous to One's Soul
I don't know about you, but I can practically see Neal guilting himself over this, because of course it has to be his fault, that idiot puppy. On a more general level, will they or won't they try to be soulbonded despite the risk? If the risk manifests after the bonding, do they stay that way or do they break it? Can they break it? What's the treatment process like? Can it be treated? What's the prognosis? Does the cause lie in how the soulbond was formed (under duress, without consent, something like that?)

Injuries Transfer to Soulmate
Again, Neal guilting himself over this. Because of course he would. Only here for the angst :D

Multiple Soulmates
See: OT3 Though the mechanics could be interesting. How is it possible? Is there a ritual? Does it just click into place and ignore the monogamous world standard? Or is it the world standard?

One-Sided Soulbond
Neal, forever. That boy was made to pine for things and people he can't have. Alex, too, tends to deny herself some pleasures for the sake of a larger plan that only she seems to be aware of. Sara would probably be the reason the soulbond is one-sided. She doesn't let people in easily.

Refusing To Admit That You're Each Other's Soulmates
This one was made for Alex and Sara. They both seem like the kind of people who dislike the idea of determinism and fate and destiny, and they'd want a choice. Oh, the angst :D

Soulbonding as Body Horror
How does the bond degenerate the human body? Does it work in a similar way to the medically malignant soulbonds above? Is the bond too beautiful, too powerful for the frail human body to contain? Or is it a corrupt force, working to weaken and possibly cause the extinction of humans? Does it have to do with contact between two souls - maybe it's too much for one body to have contact with more than one soul? Are people aware of how it works, or do they just continue to bond regardless of the risk? Is it that only a subset of bonds degenerates the body? Why?

Soulbonding: Souls Can be Stolen
Neal and Alex, yes please. The moral issues alone are such lovely angst fodder. What if they're complicit, willingly or not, in a black market? What anti-thievery measures exist for this kind of thing? I imagine babies are prized if soul thievery is so rampant that only the rich can hang on to their souls with any degree of certainty. Why are these souls stolen in the first place? (Damn, I'm starting to wish I requested this for Shoot - this suits the theme of POI so well.) OOOH, but Sara as a recovery agent who specializes in returning souls to their rightful owners. Goddamn, I love this one.

Soulmates in a BDSM Universe
All of these lovelies tbh. They're not conventional in the thing resembling our universe, I doubt they would be in this one. What are the expectations placed on the various orientations in this universe? How do they subvert them? How do they find each other? (I see Neal as a sub-leaning switch and Sara as a dom. Alex I'm not too sure of.)

Soulmates Share Writing On Skin
Neal's writing? Because I bet anyone would be honoured to carry around a permanent mark that was designed by him. Words significant to their relationship? Words they both/all live by? I dislike the more deterministic soulmate tropes, but writing is just vague enough to pique my interest without being like a timer, which tbh takes all the mystery and fun out of the thing.

Your Ghost Can't Move On To The Afterlife Until Your Soulmate Is Dead Too
S6 spoilers

This one's here only for the angst factor tbh. Also, S6 ending. What if Sara and/or Alex dies and is all ready to meet Neal again, except that the bastard isn't dead? I can only imagine one/both of them vengefully haunting him and making his life hell. Except that then they see he's a very sad little kitten, and then... I don't know xD

Person of Interest: Root/Sameen Shaw

I love these two murderous cupcakes. I've only just finished S3, but I should be done with the series by the time fics are revealed, so no worries about spoilers.

Injuries Transfer to Soulmate
Root is constantly annoyed because of this because damn it, she's recuperated from bullet wounds more often than she's even been shot at. But also omg, Shaw while Root is being tortured by Control in S03E12?! Trying to help Finch while in the same pain as Root, and deaf in one ear? Oh man. H/C candy, right there.

Soulbonding as Body Horror
(c&p'd from above)
How does the bond degenerate the human body? Does it work in a similar way to the medically malignant soulbonds above? Is the bond too beautiful, too powerful for the frail human body to contain? Or is it a corrupt force, working to weaken and possibly cause the extinction of humans? Does it have to do with contact between two souls - maybe it's too much for one body to have contact with more than one soul? Are people aware of how it works, or do they just continue to bond regardless of the risk? Is it that only a subset of bonds degenerates the body? Why?

Your Ghost Can't Move On To The Afterlife Until Your Soulmate Is Dead Too
(yes, I've been spoiled for the death :/) Root would be the most annoying ghost though. Constantly frustrated by her immaterial nature. (What if Shaw becomes Root's analog interface? :D)

Coping With Soulmate's Death
How does Shaw cope? What's her process? DABDA or bullets?

Haunted By Soulmate's Ghost
This is canon. Shaw, haunted by Root's voice because the Machine still uses it.

Mutually Assured Soulbond-Destruction
This is canon. I don't know the details, but yep. Canon.

Having A Soulmate Is Simultaneously The Best And Worst Thing That Can Happen To A Person
This is canon. For Shaw, having Root as a soulmate is exactly this. (Admittedly, that's more specific to these two than general to a universe of soulmates, but well.)

Soulbonding is Illegal
And of course, that's exactly why Root wants to do it.

Soulmates Die If They Fall In Love With Each Other
This is canon. But what if they knew this beforehand? What if Shaw thought she was safe from this because of her stone cold robot routine? What if Root was perfectly fine with the consequences of loving Shaw? Ugh, these two. *hugs*

Unable to Form a Soulbond
Both these cupcakes, tbh. Shaw, because she believes herself feelingless, and Root because, well, Root. Or maybe it's more specific than that? Something about the way both of them are specifically that prevents them from bonding?

Moana: Te Fiti/Moana Waialiki; Ocean/Moana Waialiki; Moana Waialiki & Tala Waialiki; Ocean & Moana Waialiki

This is the polar opposite of everything above. Moana is too pure for life. I just. It's beautiful. Moana is the sweetest character ever, and she deserves the best.

Daemon Settles When You Meet Your Soulmate
Te Ka

Family Members As Platonic Soulmates
Tala and Moana :D

Dreaming of Soulmate
Moana dreaming of the ocean?

Magical Powers Awaken When You Meet Your Soulmate
Te Fiti gives Moana powers?

Only Soulmates Can Make Music Together
Moana is a musical, after all c:

Soulbonded to Someone Who's Lost Their Soul
Moana and Te Fiti, for a while there? Until she restores the heart? Or her and the ocean, while Te Fiti is powerless?

Soulbonding: Souls Can be Stolen
The heart of Te Fiti also contains her soul/an important part of her soul?

Soulmate-Induced Immortality
Moana with ocean or Te Fiti. (Cameo by Maui and wind?)

Soulmate-Identifying Marks
The tattoos that everyone on the island gets as a rite of passage?

Soulmates Share One Another's Pain
Moana with ocean or Te Fiti.


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