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Name: shadowsong26
Story: Sacrifices
'Verse: Feredar
Colors: Metallic Gold #9. method, Golden Globe #13. I see dead people. Provence Lavender #1. Shepherd
Supplies and Materials: graffiti (Lillith Faire Village Stage; Indie Films), photography, canvas, brush (alleviate), acrylic, oils, stain, charcoal, seed beads, yarn,
Word Count: 246
Rating: R
Characters: Lova
Warnings: Murder, somewhat gory.
Notes: Constructive criticism welcome, as always. Lova is Nida's mother.

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Golden Globe #7, Metallic Gold #5

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Name: shadowsong26
Story: Good Riddance
'Verse: Lux
Colors: Golden Globe #7. You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow., Metallic Gold #5. education
Supplies and Materials: graffiti (Lillith Faire Second Stage), photography, canvas, acrylic, oils, stain
Word Count: 363
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Shane
Warnings: Adultery, divorce.
Notes: Constructive criticism welcome, as always.

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Name: shadowsong26
Story: He Doesn't Listen
'Verse: Feredar
Colors: Provence Lavender #5. After a hard day's work, Metallic Gold #6. tool
Supplies and Materials: graffiti (Lillith Faire Main Stage), photography, canvas, brush (alleviate), acrylic, stain, seed beads, yarn
Word Count: 300
Rating: PG
Characters: Fesha
Warnings: Marital discord
Notes: Constructive criticism welcome, as always.

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Fugitive Pilot

Aug. 19th, 2017 12:16 am[personal profile] merryghoul posting in [community profile] unconventionalcourtship
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Title: Fugitive Pilot
Author: [personal profile] merryghoul
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Pairing/Characters: Heather ("The Pilot")/Bill Potts, River Song
Rating: General Audiences
Length: 3338


Watching her potential girlfriend constantly ask about leaving her surroundings is Bill Potts’ worst nightmare...until she and the would-be girlfriend are kidnapped by River Song. River knows a sentient creature wants Heather Carew out of the picture. Until River can get them all to safety, all that stands between Heather and fusion is canteen assistant Bill.

Moments away from unintentionally fusing with a sentient creature, Heather's life is turned upside down. Now the woman she's always considered her new friend has transformed into some kind of sexy special agent. Bill is prepared to do anything to stop the creature and secure Heather’s safety. But who's keeping Heather’s heart safe from Bill?

(Summary modified from Fugitive Bride by Paula Graves.)

Notes: Longer notes on AO3, but in short, this is a canon divergence AU set during "The Pilot."

Link: AO3
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Author: Amy [personal profile] innitmarvelous
Fandoms: The Avengers, Iron Man, Marvel Cinematic Universe
Prompts: Glow-in-the-dark, Clouds, Fishing, Friends/Friendship

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Title: Inside
Fandom: original
Character: original
Length: 158
Rating: G

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In the Cold Dark Night (MCU)

Aug. 17th, 2017 10:02 pm[personal profile] ereshai posting in [community profile] wipbigbang
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Story Title: In the Cold Dark Night
Fandom: MCU
Link: on AO3 (and check out the art by [ profile] sandy79)
Summary: Phil's whole life changed the night he was attacked by a vampire and became a creature of the night. It's about to change again.
Warnings: Mild violence
Characters: Phil Coulson, Clint Barton, with appearances by Nick Fury, Melinda May, John Garrett, Natasha Romanov, Antoine Triplett, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes
Pairings: Clint Barton/Phil Coulson (pre-slash)
When I Started**: I wrote the first chapter for the Clint/Coulson 2015 Holiday Exchange.
How I Lost My Shit**: I always intended to continue the story, but other projects were higher on my list. No deadline equals no writing being done by me.
How I Finished My Shit**: I almost didn't. Severe self-doubt and another fandom love really hampered my writing. Having a deadline and just finally powering through helped me to finish. At least I didn’t have technological troubles like I did the last two years.

Day 2 Reveals 2017

Aug. 18th, 2017 09:14 am[personal profile] paraka posting in [community profile] pod_together
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Fixing Everyone's Troubles But Mine: A Love Story (Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man (Movies), Captain America (Movies), Hawkeye (Comics))
written by [ profile] blue_pointer, performed by [ profile] RsCreighton, [ profile] SomethingIncorporeal
Summary: When Tony falls in lust with a straight bartender from Brooklyn, can Clint make magic happen? A little bribery, stalking, and seduction later, the answer may
But this isn't your run-of-the-mill RomCom. Hawkeye and his sidekick Bucky have a neighborhood to defend from the tracksuit mafia. When a heist goes terribly wrong, can Iron Man save the day?

there's a light on in the hallway (so you know i'm here) (Bandom, My Chemical Romance)
written by [ profile] doctorkilljoy, performed by [ profile] Lucifuge5
Summary: After a rough night, Gerard discovers a surprising secret about his neighbor, Ray Toro.

Six-Thirty Sharp (Critical Role (Web Series))
written by [ profile] sabinelagrande, performed by [ profile] argentumlupine, [ profile] bienenalster, [ profile] blackglass, [ profile] Jadesfire, [ profile] jediseagull, [ profile] kalakirya, [ profile] KDHeart, [ profile] Readbyanalise010, [ profile] sabinelagrande, [ profile] UstolemyNAME
Summary: It's just another day in the studio, but something's not quite right.

The Wellborn (The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner)
written by [ profile] Ritterssport, [ profile] Sunquistadora, performed by [ profile] Shmaylor
Summary: Irene and Gen need to have a baby for political reasons, despite not especially wanting to. Gen is intersex, making this difficult, so they enlist Costis to help.

Not in the Report (Star Trek: The Original Series)
written by [ profile] snowynight, performed by [ profile] Hananobira
Summary: While accurate mission reports are required by Starfleet regulation, Spock choose not to include some of the mission details concerning Jim and himself as they are not necessary for the fleet's examination.

i love you a latte (Teen Wolf (TV))
written by [ profile] kellifer_fic, performed by [ profile] RsCreighton
Summary: "You... want me to come to your family reunion?"
"And you'll come to my best friend's wedding date?" Stiles thinks the whole proposition bears repeating.
"Yes," Derek says again, brows furrowing like he's starting to regret asking.

The Last on Your Path (The Pretender (TV))
written by [ profile] the_rck, performed by [ profile] fred_mouse
Summary: Sydney's seeing things he knows can't be real. Eventually, he has to listen anyway.

Discussion post 2017

Aug. 18th, 2017 09:46 am[personal profile] aralias posting in [community profile] unconventionalcourtship
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Unconventional Courtship opens today!!! Well done [personal profile] meridian_rose for already posting :D

The ever vigilant [personal profile] tidal_race has suggested we might like a discussion post. So here we go.

Discussion Post

Use this post if you want to talk to other UCers about how the fest is going for you, how you're doing as the deadline approaches, your favourite romance novel tropes, etc.

Enjoy the fest everyone.
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Title: Unconventional Countess
Author: meridian_rose
Fandom: Black Sails
Pairing/Characters: Max/John Silver, Billy Bones, other characters appear
Rating: Teen
Length: 16,179
Summary: John Silver, the fraudulent Earl of Poole, awakes to find a beauty berating him - but he cannot recall the last three months of his life, nor having a wife. Max is clearly a most unsuitable consort, but then he's known as being an unconventional earl. Suspicious of Max's presence in his life, Silver struggles to regain his memories but it seems his heart remembers things his head does not.

Notes: Alternate Universe – Regency; biromantic Max, grey-a Silver, romantic nonsexual relationship

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Name: shadowsong26
Story: Heart Song
'Verse: Feredar
Colors: Provence Lavender #15. Morning song, Moonlight #2. Half-asleep
Supplies and Materials: graffiti (Lillith Faire Village Stage; Shoujo-ai), photography, acrylic, glue ("Nevertheless, you are so energized that your emotions will be apparent to others...Rumi wrote, “With life as short as a half-taken breath, don’t plant anything but love.”")
Word Count: 143
Rating: PG
Characters: Lonura
Warnings: Nope
Notes: Constructive criticism welcome, as always.

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Name: shadowsong26
Story: Rush
'Verse: Feredar
Colors: Kingfisher Blue #13. 一日千里: a thousand li in one day (tremendous progress), Moonlight #3. Moonrise, Golden Globe #1. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.
Supplies and Materials: graffiti (Lillith Faire Second Stage), photography, eraser (Urban Fantasy AU), acrylic, oils, stain, modeling clay (sweet life), charcoal, novelty beads (spatter)
Word Count: 195
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Tana
Warnings: Tana, vampirism, implied murder.
Notes: Constructive criticism welcome, as always.

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Name: shadowsong26
Story: Stagnant
'Verse: Lux
Colors: Paprika #20. Spice up your life., Kingfisher Blue #8. 求人不如求己 (it’s better to rely on yourself than to rely on others), Moonlight #19. Sidereal
Supplies and Materials: graffiti (Lillith Faire Main Stage), photography, brush (oppugn), stain, seed beads, yarn
Word Count: 240
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Teri
Warnings: Depiction of depression, not-super-healthy romantic relationship in the background, references to the fire.
Notes: Constructive criticism welcome, as always. Teri is one of Mariko's ex-girlfriends. Last Paprika!

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