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Title: Tomorrow Is A Different Day
Characters (Pairings): Kate Moreau, Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Alexandra Hunter, Vincent Adler, Garrett Fowler (Kate/Neal)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4990
Spoilers: For Kate's storyline through seasons 1 and 2
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Kate's spent her whole life investing in her tomorrow.
Author's Note: This is for [ profile] runthecon, for the prompt 'tomorrow is another day' from [ profile] aragarna.
Title's from Avril Lavigne's Tomorrow. There are lyrics from Halsey's album BADLANDS all over the story. They serve as sort of introductions to the various little disconnected pieces. So this isn't exactly a songfic, buuut it kinda is.
Many, many thanks to [ profile] reve_silencieux for the speedy proofread and the cheerleading!
I should mention that this is a slightly old idea, and it had around 300-400 words written in advance, but this thing be looong (LOOK AT THAT WORDCOUNT, GUYS), so I don't think it makes that much of an impact? I mean, I knew the direction the story was headed in, but I had very few actual words written in advance, so. I hope that's okay?

As seems to perpetually be the case with me, this story isn't complete. Yes, you read that right. Almost 5k words and this monster wants more. Piece of shit.
Slightly spoilery content note-like thing (spoils a character arc): I know the first sentence is what it is, but Kate isn't vilified in this story. She loves Neal. She means well. She's allowed to be angry, and think freely, and do things that may hurt Neal without her realizing it. Peter, who is the antagonist of her story, is on the receiving end of much of her anger, but that doesn't make either of the two characters evil. They're just different people who happen to have made terrible first impressions on each other. Not every human on the planet has to get along like a house on fire. And finally, I'm sorry if Peter seems out of character to you, but I stand by his characterization in this fic.
I kinda sorta borrowed the "ornamental, not functional" idea from this really painful insult delivered by the President to the First Lady on Scandal. I wouldn't have mentioned it, but I couldn't find any alternate wording, so. :P
This is a bit of a bricolage, but I enjoyed writing it, so. :D

Also, it's 2 am, I haven't given this fic my usual final once-over because I'd like to sleep, please forgive mistakes and clumsy phrasing and such. ETA - Edited!

She loves him less than he loves her. )
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Title: Siren Song
Characters (Pairings): Peter Burke
Rating: G
Word Count: 155
Spoilers: For the series.
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: The siren song of fieldwork.
Author's Note: For the poem prompt Sea Fever by John Masefield for weekly quick fic #9 at [ profile] writerverse.

Now that he knows Neal's alive, everything changes. )
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Title: come away to the darkness
Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Elizabeth Burke (background Peter/El)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1025
Spoilers: None. Set somewhere in S5
Content Notes: GSW. Blood. No suicidal ideation.
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Neal is more okay with the thought of dying than he ever thought he'd be.
Author's Note: I have no idea when this was written. (I think I PM'd it to [ profile] kanarek13 for her birthday?) But I just found it in my drive and I figured, why not. Cleaned it up a little, axed a few words and sentences, and here it is. Title's from Come Away To The Water by Maroon 5 featuring Rozzi Crane.

Bleeding, fading, dying is more peaceful than Neal thought it would be. )
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Title: Don't Let This Line Go Slack
Characters (Pairings): Elizabeth Burke, Sara Ellis, Peter Burke (Elizabeth/Peter)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2064
Spoilers: Till at least 6x01
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Elizabeth's move to D.C. has her off balance.
Author's Note: For [ profile] runthecon, for the prompts 'New Beginnings' and 'Last But Not Least'. Unbetaed, written in a hurry, a little shit. Title from Transcontinental, 1:30 AM by Vienna Teng.
AU from end S5 in which Rachel is arrested but Neal isn't kidnapped, because I don't need that chaos going on in the background. I think I finished this just in time just a teensy bit late only because I dropped this little Neal+Sara plotline I had in my head. And it's still only half a story. Ugh.
I haven't posted a proper fic here in ages. I forgot how fidgety things get when you try to align things to the centre. Oh, commentfics, you are so simple and I adore you <3

She has only three framed pictures of Peter. )
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Title: North Light Comes
Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Elizabeth Burke (Peter/El).
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1169
Spoilers: Vague for S3 & 4. Minor reference to S05E04.
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Author's Note: Set post anklet, ignoring S6. Written for Challenge 14 in the current Writerverse phase. Title is a lyric from Overcome by Better Than Ezra.
This is basically proof of life. Posting from phone, I apologise for any mistakes in advance. Will tag + xpost + edit this on Monday, because phone.
This is a (very short) sequel to When All Else In You Turns And Runs, in which Neal has essential tremor, restricted to his right hand during this fic and the previous one. I'm fairly sure that that fic is in my masterpost, for anyone who wants to read it before this.
This is not the first time I've written a drunk/dazed Neal on the Burkes' doorstep. I think he's adorable when he's a little loopy and craving affection. Recurring theme, will try not to repeat, etc.
Can you tell that it's late and I'm a little loopy myself?

Neal shivered as he paced across the length of the Burkes' doorstep. )
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Title: Remnants Of A Voice And Smile
Characters (Pairings): Elizabeth Burke, Mozzie, Sara Ellis, Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey (background Peter/El and Neal/Sara)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2431
Beta Credit: [ profile] percygranger, thank you so much!! ^^ I fiddled with a few things after she went over it, so that's all on me C:
Spoilers: S06E06 (Au Revoir)
Content Notes: Grief. Run on sentences.
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: After the funeral, everyone tries to heal.
Author's Note: Title from Say Uncle by Vienna Teng. Originally written for [ profile] elrhiarhodan's promptfest, for her prompt, 'Hiding Out By Day'. Also, I'm still angry at Neal. I have no apologies.
For more finale tags, click here.

By some consensus that was reached when she wasn't listening, everyone gathers in their living room. )
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Title: Broken Dreams
Characters (Pairings): Peter Burke
Rating: PG
Word Count: 448
Spoilers: S03E15 - Stealing Home, for Peter's backstory.
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: The dream that didn't.
Author's Note: Set preseries. Written for Elr's Promptfest IX, for the prompt Peter - Broken Dreams.

I'm afraid it's not all good news, Mr. Burke. )
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Title: Fall Into Your Sunlight
Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, OMC (Neal/Peter, Neal/OMC)
Rating: R (profanity, a little sex)
Word Count: 1475
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Pretending can't take away Neal's loneliness. But Peter can.
Author's Note: Title from Shattered by Trading Yesterday. This fic is not as morbid as that song makes it sound.
Set in a no-S6 AU, post-anklet.
This was originally for the [ profile] comment_fic prompt here (original fill can also be found here). It has since been edited a little.

Vodka is not his drink. Not usually. )
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Title: I'll Say Goodnight But It's Never Goodbye
Characters: Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Mozzie.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1555
Spoilers: For the series, especially 6x06
Warnings: presumed dead, detailed description of the effects of puffer fish toxin, including temporary paralysis, shortness of breath and vomiting
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Faking his death wasn't as easy as he thought it'd be.
Prompts: “He died whilst faking his own death” (“Gavin & Stacey”), The Vault
Author's Note: Title from Goodnight New York by Vienna Teng. For Challenge #12 - Weekly Quick Fic #5 - at [ profile] writerverse. Episode tag for 6x06. I'm putting this down for the 'drugged' square on my [ profile] hc_bingo card, even thought it doesn't quite fit.
This fic is essentially me hurting Neal in order to deal with whatever residual rage the finale left in me. Hopefully, I'll treat him better next time. And I don't think I properly dealt with the shortness of breath. Oops. Sorry.
I almost rewatched the ep to write this, but decided that it was better for my sanity if I just went over the dialogues using springfieldspringfield. And then I ended up rewatching anyway. Sigh. And I have more tags in my head, though I'm not entirely sure that I'll manage to get them on paper, they hurt so much.
These words were hard to pull out, and they're not the best they could be, but they're words, so.
Also, my fixation with the present tense continues.
For more finale tags, click here.

He'd hoped that Peter wouldn't make it, that he'd just see him in an ambulance before it screeched away. But Peter's there, using his badge to silence the paramedic so he can get to Neal. )
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Title: Could End In Burning Flames Or Paradise
Characters (Pairings): Sara Ellis, Peter Burke, Landon Shepherd, Neal Caffrey, OCs (Sara/OMC, Sara/OFC, Sara/Neal)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2277
Spoilers: Till 4x16 - In The Wind
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Prompts: Recipe, Limerencean involuntary state of mind resulting from a romantic attraction to another person, combined with an overwhelming need to have one’s feeling reciprocated.
Summary: Her life could be a trail of broken hearts, it could be a trail of close friends. It's both.
Author's Note: Title from Style by Taylor Swift, inspiration from a number of songs from her new album 1989, from these two postsecrets, and from the two prompts from [ profile] writerverse above. (I was ridiculously uninspired.) For Challenge #26 - Weekly Quick Fic 10 at [ profile] writerverse.

A ring. That's all she has left. )
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Title: the metal wraps itself around your bones
Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Rachel Turner, Peter Burke, multiple OFCs, (Neal/Rachel)
Rating: R
Word Count: 5842
Spoilers: Through Season 5
Warnings/Content notes: Painplay, rough sex, violence, language. For more qualitative notes, see below.
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Neal makes deals with demons, plural. They might turn out to be one too many for him to handle.
Author's Note: Title from The Road by Hurts. Inspiration from that song and Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons. For the 'deals with demons' square on my [ profile] hc_bingo card. Also posted to AO3.

[ profile] elrhiarhodan - the little neal/rachel snippet thing I wrote for you is the beginning of this story. And yes, it ate my brain. Hope you don't mind :) (original prompt and fill).

Fair warnings - there are a number of them.

There is not enough explanation. There are loose ends. (e.g. how is Rachel even out of prison? And that's just one I've spotted.) I will be a bitch and not tell you important details that should have been declared right from the start. That's as intentional as it possibly can be - I just thought this thing up like three days ago, and if I let it ferment in the back of my mind, it will grow, and I will not be able to handle it.

For this reason, if you want a further glimpse into something, just ask me, and I will do my best to tell you. (Except for how Rachel is out. I have no clues, lol.)

This is the same demented, angst-laden writing style that seems to be the only way my brain can word as of lately. Very apology. Much contrite.

Have fun in the dark(er) corners of my mind! Don't get stuck, though, scary shit be going down there.


how are you supposed to be both the canvas and the paint - r.i.d )
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Title: Burnt Out Flames Should Never Reignite
Characters (Pairings): Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey, Elizabeth Burke (background Peter/El)
Rating: R - curse words, lots of them (at least by my usual standards).
Word Count: 1197
Spoilers: None, I think.
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Peter's lost quite a few keys.
Author's Note: Post anklet, Neal's left for parts unknown. Title from Home by Daughter.
This is for [ profile] joy2190, who left me this prompt way back when, and it caught my eye so here you go. Sorry for the ridiculous delay. I'm so terrible with prompts it's not funny.
I'm sorry, but I literally cannot arrange words any other way, there are way too many run on sentences, and a not exactly happy ending, but this is the only way words are cooperating with me right now. I'm sorry.

He's been dropping keys all over the place ever since Neal's anklet was unlocked for the last time. )
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Title: Somehow, Sundown
Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke
Rating: Let's call this an R to be safe.
Word Count: 780
Spoilers: S05E13 - Diamond Exchange
Warnings: Unspecified physical trauma, vague but graphic descriptions of injury
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Neal's kidnappers hurt him. A lot.
Author's Note: I AM WRITING NEAL AND PETER AGAIN HUZZAH!!! But I committed a lot of run on sentence crimes. And welp, Neal is in way too much pain. And this is literally words thrown at a page and immediately posted, I haven't even looked over this once, I am going to regret this SO MUCH in the morning, omg. I think I should shut up now.
For the 'begging' square on my [ profile] hc_bingo card.
For this picture prompt from [ profile] writerverse's October Table of Doom.
Title from Shattered by Trading Yesterday.
For more in this verse, click here.

He wants to scream. He'd give anything to let go of the control to which he's so stubbornly clinging and beg anyone who's listening to just please make it stop, please. But he doesn't. )
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Title: Falling Apart
Characters (Pairings): Peter Burke, Elizabeth Burke (Peter/Elizabeth)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 321
Spoilers: S05E01
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Prompt: "My dad's old room is very much the way he left it, except more faded." (The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, page 88)
Summary: The night after Peter's cleared.
Author's Note: Another fill for the September Table of Doom at [ profile] writerverse. I am very cranky today. I'm not entirely sure whether or not this is in character, but I wrote it, and I can't do anything more for it, so here goes.

Peter tries. He really does try to keep it together, to not break down. )
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Title: When All Else In You Turns And Runs
Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Diana Berrigan
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1850
Warning/Content Note: Presumed dead [not a spoiler]
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin’s brainchild. Not mine.
Prompt: Because the myth is not supposed to retire / We'd rather it lit itself on fire / Or overdosed in a four star hotel
Summary: Neal has to leave New York. He absolutely cannot stay.
Author’s Note: Set post-anklet. The prompt and the title are both from Vienna Teng's Love Turns 40.
For Challenge 24 - August Table of Doom - at [ profile] writerverse

I feel like you should know that words aren't coming all that easily to me. I'm struggling against them, for the most part. And I have this weird block about posting writing as of late. But this fic happened relatively easily, and I want to share :)

ETA - OMG, you guys! [ profile] kanarek13 made me art for this fic!! And it's beautiful! Look :D

clicky for art!!! )


Neal's a bit of a legend. As much as Peter tries to play it down, he knows that, it's true. )
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Title: Moments
All Characters (All Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Elizabeth Burke, Sara Ellis, Diana Berrigan, Clinton Jones, Rachel Turner, Alex Hunter (Peter/Elizabeth, Neal/Sara).
Rating: Depending on the drabble/ficlet, between G and PG.
Total Word Count: 1069
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Six canon moments, plus reaction gifs.
Author’s Note: For Challenge #4 (Gif Reactions) at [ profile] womenverse - they provide the reaction, we provide the trigger. See individual headers for spoilers and characters.

Characters (Pairings): Peter Burke, Elizabeth Burke (Peter/Elizabeth)
Word Count: 112
Set In: S04E14 - Shoot The Moon. Promo spoilers.

They were supposed to be on a nice, quiet vacation. )

Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Alex Hunter
Word Count: 131
Set In: S02E09 - Point Blank. Spoilers.

The music box was Alex’s quarry, her white whale, her treasure, her final score. )

Characters (Pairings): Kate Moreau, Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke
Word Count: 137
Set In: S01E14 - Out Of The Box. Spoilers. Canon character death.

Kate puts the phone down and turns to the tiny window. )

Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Sara Ellis (Neal/Sara)
Word Count: 358
Set In: S04E16 - In The Wind. Spoilers.

The view from the 103rd floor of the Empire State was breathtaking. )

Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Rachel Turner.
Word Count: 337
Set In: S05E13 - Diamond Exchange. Spoilers.

She should have been fighting harder. )

Characters (Pairings): Diana Berrigan, Clinton Jones.
Word Count: 131
Set In: S05E12 - Taking Stock.

The first thing Diana noticed when she walked into the office was stationery on her desk. Or rather, a lack thereof. )
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Title: Come Find Me (I Will Be Disappointing)
Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Diana Berrigan, Clinton Jones. (can be read as Peter/Neal if you like)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100x8, exactly.
Spoilers: None, I think.
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin’s brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Neal finds it hard to believe that he's interesting by himself, without the facade. Peter begs to differ.
Author’s Note: Title from Save Me by Seahaven.
This drabble series fills 8 prompts from [ profile] whitecollar100
Prompts filled, in order of appearance, are #183 - Follow, #148 - Soft, #111 - Scowl, #120 - Sing, #113 - Yawn, #134 - Bent, #185 - Drift and #169 - Erase.

Neal's noticed recently that Peter looks at him a lot. Not any of the obvious culprits (like the curvature of his butt) but seemingly irrelevant things (like the dot of mayonnaise at the corner of his mouth). )
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Title: The Border Lines I Drew Between Us
Characters (Pairings): Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Elizabeth Burke (OT3)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 870
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin’s brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Neal tries not to let the Burkes notice his horrible habit of leaving things behind at their house
Author’s Note: Set in the early days of OT3. Post-anklet, I suppose.
For [ profile] kanarek13's Get Well Fest over at [ profile] whitecollarhc. Also for the prompt "Caught in a Robbery" on my [ profile] hc_bingo card.
Title is a slightly altered lyric from Vienna Teng's 'Antebellum'.

Neal steps out of the shower and smiles at the toothbrush El left for him. )
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Title: Grab My Fingers Gently
Characters (Pairings): Peter Burke, Elizabeth Burke, Neal Caffrey, Sara Ellis (Peter/Elizabeth/Neal/Sara)
Rating: G
Word Count: ~480
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin’s brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Sara doesn't like to ask for anything (especially when it's for herself).
Author’s Note: This was written to stuff [ profile] embroiderama's stocking.
Title's from Love Interruption by Jack White
Sometime while writing fills for fandom_stocking, OT4 became my new crack.
This exists in the same 'verse as Float Down (Like Autumn Leaves)

Sara's tired, lonely, in need of a hug and she knows it. )


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