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The absolute best Shoot vid I've seen thus far, and I've seen plenty. Set to a cover of 99 Problems that I originally found on the Blacklist, to my delight. Features girls with guns and a Shaw + food montage. What's not to love?

There is secondary audio/dialogue layered over the music, in case that's the kind of thing that ticks you off in vids, but IMHO it's handled really well in this vid. It's all so well timed and doesn't clash with the music. It's really well edited.

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I completed a 20in20 in a day. This has got to be some kind of achievement. (Well, I made some minor tweaks today, but the bulk of the work was done yesterday.)

I was expecting a lot more of Winona Ryder's face in this set. But it would seem that I adore Angelina Jolie a lot.

This one's for Challenge 2 of [ profile] 20muses, for this lovely board game disguised as an inspiration post.


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Diana/Rachel. Diana/Rachel.

I don't know why this didn't ping in my head earlier. Probably because Diana was missing for most of S5. But OH MY GOD. THE POSSIBILITIES.

I adore screwed-up relationships, and somehow, Diana/Rachel intrigues me even more than Neal/Rachel does. Probably because Diana has far more spine than Neal - we all know Neal is basically a marshmallow when it comes to love. But oh my god. The rivalry between them if Rachel had ever conned Diana the way she did Neal would be EPIC. And all the feels. And all the nonverbal communication - glares from Diana, teasing glances from Rachel - UGH.

And, you know, they're both extremely hot.

Can you tell that I'm basically incoherent with delight right now?

Excuse me while I write words about these two.
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Day 17 - A song that you hear often on the radio

Luckily, I just listened to the radio today, so I don't know about often, but I did hear these songs on the radio, so yeah. Hope that counts!


Stay by Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko. OMG, this is the first time in this meme that there's a featured artist. How did that happen?

Anyhow. Beautiful song, lovely voices.

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Addicted To You by Avicii. Not much to say about this song, except that through it, I discovered Audra Mae, who has a really fabulous voice (she gave uncredited vocals for the song)

youtube )
lyrics ) you get the feeling that I rushed through this?

Part two. The Matt Bomer Is Hot part. The only reason why you're here.

Just when I was clinging to the last of my fading crush on Matt Bomer and wondering if I was really, truly, done with him (major crisis over the mast few days, I was panicking big time), I came across these pictures, and I kid you not, he fucked with my breathing. I;m not breathless, breathless isn't the right word. It's more like I'm incredibly conscious of every breath I take. I cannot believe I haven't seen these before. I just... LOOK AT HIM.

cut for MB's sexiness. MB's sexiness in this requires a warning. )

I can't believe I ever even doubted the crush.

Maybe it's the shadows, maybe it's his brood. He's just... really, really sexy in these pictures. Whew.

I'm gonna... go feast my eyes a little more.

afterthought - hmmm, addicted to you is really perfect in this context, isn't it?


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