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The absolute best Shoot vid I've seen thus far, and I've seen plenty. Set to a cover of 99 Problems that I originally found on the Blacklist, to my delight. Features girls with guns and a Shaw + food montage. What's not to love?

There is secondary audio/dialogue layered over the music, in case that's the kind of thing that ticks you off in vids, but IMHO it's handled really well in this vid. It's all so well timed and doesn't clash with the music. It's really well edited.

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Hello and welcome to this venting space disguised as a fanfic journal. If you are comfortable with my particular brand of weird (otherwise known as human) please drop me a message or a comment or another such communication, and I will further open up my life via the magical click of a gold access button that will then turn silver. Which makes no sense, according to the dominant narrative that values gold more than silver. But then again, that means I'm insinuating that my friendship is precious, which requires a greater degree of narcissism than I possess. I could ramble further, but I'd probably stop making sense soon.

If you're here for the fic, I'm sorry, fanfic broadcasts are very sporadic, you're more likely to find rambles about music and my latest obsessions than any actual fic. Sapphire writes fanfic, it is true, but the fanfic is rare and sometimes never posted, even when written.

Yes, I'm terrible at welcomes, how did you know?


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