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Yep, I'm alive.

Title: Watching The Waves Crashing
Characters (Pairings) Kate Moreau, Alex Hunter (background Kate/Neal).
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 523
Disclaimer: White Collar is Jeff Eastin's brainchild. Not mine.
Summary: Anyone can kinda sorta be friends, given enough alcohol. Fun and games don't hurt either.
Author's Note: This is just random floof. There's no plot here. Title's from Skies On Fire by The Green Children.
Apparently, according to my brain, Kate and Alex can only be friends when they're drunk off their asses. Okay then.
Also, I'm pretending that arcades are the same all over the world, because who has time for research, this is a kinda sorta last minute thing... don't tell anyone.
This is for [ profile] sheenianni, for the [ profile] wc_women_fest Holiday Exchange. I hope you like it!
Also, since it's well past midnight here, happy new year!! (Which also means this fic is late.'s our secret, okay? Shhhhh.)

fic! )
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I interviewed Sara Ellis for Womenverse's Challenge #5 - Interview. I could have stopped at 20 questions, but I kept answering questions and ended up at like 53. Ah well.

Core questions taken from the 'Twenty Questions' and 'Gloves Off' sections on this page. Follow ups were made up on the spot. Some of the answers are direct quotes from various episodes - I didn't think anything else would fit.

This interview has spoilers up to and including the Season 4 finale of White Collar. Set in Sara's office in London, a short while after the events of the season finale (no more than six weeks). There are multiple references to Neal. This is the only time I used his name.

Total word count is about 1350.

Part of the Amis Amants 'verse. For more in this verse, click here.

[ profile] aragarna made art for this fic! See it below :D

This is long. And probably repetitive. But it was fun! )


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