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I was rewatching POI 1x06 (aka Zoe's first episode) when I spontaneously combusted from the adorableness of John Reese.

So Harold at one point asks John, "Assuming that [Zoe's] the victim and not the perpetrator, who would want to take her out?" And John responds with, "Who wouldn't?" Except that he's not talking about potential threats, he's talking about taking her out. Like on a date. With food and flowers.

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I just received FIVE drabbles/drabble series for [community profile] multifandomdrabble. I am so in love with all of them. Please squee at them with me!

Need by falsteloj (Harry Potter, Draco, Hermione)

Favours by st_aurafina (Person of Interest, John/Kara)

What is Done in Love is Well Done by OzQueen (White Collar, Neal/Sara)

Addition Through Subtraction by PhoenixFalls (Person of Interest, John/Kara, John/Zoe)

Would you jump off a bridge? by lirin (White Collar, Neal/Kate)

Also, I wrote a couple! And I have at least one more planned.

deep red (MCU, Natasha Romanoff)

dog days (Person of Interest, Shaw + Bear)
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How A Reader's Feminist Critique Changed My Sci-Fi Novel

Natalie Morales would like you to know nothing about her, except for one thing…

These were delightful reads after an already delightful day.

In random things: I plan on overhauling my DW tagging system very soon. I started as a fic journal, but I post a lot about life now, and those tags need to be sorted so I can find them. Some tags are near identical. Some probably make sense only to me, but well. Feel free to ask if you're curious!

[community profile] fandomgiftbox sign ups close very soon!

Also, my welcome thing's a fkn mess. Must fix.
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The absolute best Shoot vid I've seen thus far, and I've seen plenty. Set to a cover of 99 Problems that I originally found on the Blacklist, to my delight. Features girls with guns and a Shaw + food montage. What's not to love?

There is secondary audio/dialogue layered over the music, in case that's the kind of thing that ticks you off in vids, but IMHO it's handled really well in this vid. It's all so well timed and doesn't clash with the music. It's really well edited.

in other news... )
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And as usual, I went overboard :P But I really don't know how not to, and I'm going to stick with what feels right, because I'm tired of stuffing things away, and if I can't be at least a little more honest than I usually am on the internets, then where?

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(dear god, prevent me from signing up for more stuff now pls.)

(at least words are happening?)

ETA - I decided not to sign up, because there was a thing with the sign up forms and i had to sign up again, which gave me time to think (and nope out), but there are comments on this post so I'm leaving it be. (Was about to delete it.)
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Hi, fellow Agent Carter fan! Thank you so much for signing up! I'm sure I'll love whatever you choose to create for me.

You'll find more detail for each of my requests under the cut.

In order of preference: ships, friendships and characters )

I hope I helped! And above all, I truly hope you enjoy yourself.
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This meme is basically a bunch of questions for which you can pick a character and answer. For challenge 1010 at [ profile] tv_universe. Also for fun c: Expect spoilers for the entire series.

Neal Caffrey

(gif by thorinss)

questions! )

Sara Ellis

(gif by salty-cookies)

more questions! )

Rachel Turner

(gif by moonchild30)

even more questions! )


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