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Hi! You can call me Tanya. I prefer she/her pronouns, though my appearance is just androgynous enough that I can be mistaken for a guy. My preferred word for my sexuality is sapphic. (I feel like I'm not gay enough to be a lesbian but too gay to be bi, so this is the in between.) If you're wondering about the journal title, Tanya isn't my wallet name. She's my online self, and she's my audience, as far as I'm concerned.

Most of the content you're going to find here will be either commentary on TV, music, movies, or other media I've consumed (usually posted publicly), or journaling about varied mental health stuff - autism with a pathological demand avoidance profile, perfectionism, depression, anxiety - usually behind an f-lock. I don't know how often I post publicly, but there should be enough entries to give you a sense of my style of writing.

When the muse strikes, I write fanfiction. My main fandoms right now are Person of Interest and White Collar, though I have written in other fandoms. The best place to browse my fanfic would be at AO3, where I post as sapphire2309. The second best would be the various fandom tags on this journal, which I use only for fanwork and not random fannish thoughts. I'm in the process of switching over to AO3 completely for fanfic, so it'd probably be best to check there from now on.

I write poetry sometimes. I keep those words at afirelullaby. This tumblr is very sedate and organised. A queued poem typically posts itself at 1 am my time, unless the queue is empty (usually because my brain is too fried to write).

I podfic and fanmix sometimes. I'll upload this stuff at lullabyforahelix. I don't know how active this tumblr will be - probably very very slow. This tumblr's posts will typically be linked to from lullabyforahelix at AO3 (a pseud, not a separate account, so if you look at my main AO3 dash, you're golden as far as my fannish content goes!)

I have a miscellaneous fannish tumblr - sapphire2309. This tumblr is a typical tumblr tumblr. It is an emotional rollercoaster and also completely random. Kinda like me. I tend to not check this tumblr for months on end and then BLOW UP people's dashboards. Be warned. (Nothing original goes here, ftr.)

My friending policy is fairly random. I add you to my circle if I like what you post. I give you access if I feel like I know you at least a little. I'm not comfortable accepting journal access from someone I haven't given access to, and vice versa. But if we have interests in common, feel free to reach out!

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